About us

Saffron Cottage Furniture Ltd has now been established for nearly 6 years located in Hayle, Cornwall, inspired by the love of old furniture, wood, paint and upcycling.

We are Lee  and Caroline Godwin and have both had long and successful careers in Public Service.  We now love spending time in our workshop with our growing business.

Whilst moving into an old property about 7 years ago, it became clear that our existing modern furniture didn’t fit in with the style of the house.

Together we searched around, sourcing some grand but tatty and unloved pieces of furniture that worked with the interior design of our home.  Lee’s carpentry skills, love of sanding and polishing wood were put to good use.  Whereas, Caroline likes to make things pretty using ‘Annie Sloan’ chalk paint and wax.  Together we transformed our purchases and realised that we could work together well complimenting each other’s skills.

Both of us are perfectionists and will not stop on a piece until it is absolutely perfect; in some ways this could be a hindrance when running a business.  We suspect those in “The Dragon’s Den” would make comment about time management and profit, etc.  We will never be millionaires, but love and enjoy every minute of what we do and ultimately produce.

Every piece means something to us.  We enjoy the materials it’s made from, its structure, its age, its patina, design and what it was used for.  We do everything we can to make it fully functional for today’s modern world without modernising it too much and ruining its character.  In essence each project is treated like a work of art, resulting in inspirational pieces of furniture, hence our strapline “Breathing new life into old furniture”.

We believe our prices are fair, but reflect the time, effort and care that is put into each piece.  We trust that our furniture will be enjoyed by you and last for many years to come.

Kind Regards, Lee and Caroline.