Saffron Cottage Furniture Summer 2022

This is a picture of Saffron Cottage Furniture shop. It is at Fat Apples Cafe near Porthallow.
The shop this week. September 2022.

This is just a quick update as we are super busy. Busy is good and we are so lucky that our business is doing so well in these difficult times.

Firstly this year we’ve have had our website updated. Something we should have done ages ago, but at last my lovely website manager has come up with a new way to help my technophobe brain be able to work out how to update again. Yippee.

For those of you who don’t know and this does cause confusion from time to time, our workshop is at our home in Hayle, Cornwall. This is where we repair, french polish, paint and wax all of the furniture we deal with. We do a mixture of commission work on peoples own furniture and then also do up other furniture that we buy from numerous sources. We then display these items in our showroom. The showroom is at Fat Apples Cafe, near Porthallow, Cornwall TR12 6QH. Its a long long story as to why we have a showroom here, but it works really well. The cafe is absolutely gorgeous and does lovely breakfasts and lunches and the occasional evening theme nights. Its a short walk from Porthallow village which is super quaint, by the sea and surrounded by lovely walks. Fat Apples also has a wild camping site an event facility and a lovely gift shop.

We have been going now for nearly 10 years. We are both retired from careers in public service, but just love restoring, recycling and being creative with old furniture. Thus giving it new life. It is more of a passion than a business, so our prices are really fair. We just really want to make enough to cover our costs and make it worth our while.

Our show room is open when the cafe is open, so always check their facebook page or give them a ring on 01326 281559 to see if the are open if you want to view a certain piece. We are also available anytime on 07816848610. You can also contact us via facebook, messenger, instagram or email from this website.

We also advertise our furniture on Market Place and in our online shop on our facebook page.

So here are a few photos of some of the work we have done recently. Enjoy.

Dining chairs for sale in the shop. Painted in Annie Sloan’s Old Ochre and reupholstered in Zandra Rhodes print.
This a before photo. One of seven pieces we completely transformed with an unusual request of mixing blue and orange!
Afterwards. The customer absolutely loved the transformation and couldn’t wait to get them into his new home. Painted in Annie Sloan’s ’Greek Blue’ and ’Barcelona Orange’ with some edging done in gold wax to highlight the detail.
A before photo of an old brown bureau.
Beautiful and Chique. The customer chose to have the same colour throughout. I usually do a contrasting colour inside bureaus, but the customer is alway right. And, on this occasion she was . This was painted in Annie Sloan’s Oxford Navy chalk paint and waxed.
This gorgeous chest of antique drawers is down our shop at the moment. They are beautifully clean. They have been fully lined and the mahogany fronts have been kept with the drawers carcasse painted in Annie Sloan’s ‘Old White’ to brighten it up for modern living.
And finally for now. Sometimes we have a bit of fun. My daughter did these in the school holidays. Shes calls them the ‘Lili pad’ collection. ?