Summer Sale

As you can see if you are a follower of our Facebook page, we have had a little Cornish break this weekend, gadding about trying out some local eateries. This is because we are just about to enter the mad season with our gorgeous quaint holiday cottage. We don’t have any free weeks now until September. ┬áIf you are interested in an Autumn holiday have a look on:

The lovely weather and the fact that we are now in a position to revamp our workshop inspired us to have a summer sale and offer 20% off as we need some space to clear our workshop and upgrade our premises. I hope you get a chance to take this opportunity to get a bargain. We are also going to be putting some items that could be a project to do up yourselves on eBay. Every time we do this we will put a link from eBay to our Twitter and Facebook page, so if you follow or like us you will see what we are putting on. Exciting times ahead!