Deliveries, Commision Work, Selling

Well its been so busy, I’m not sure where to start!

Now we have the van; where we can, we are delivering ourselves. We have sold and delivered the small Chiffonier to a very satisfied customer in London. On our way up to and back from London, we absolutely jammed the van full with many more lovely pieces which we managed to source. In fact we couldn’t fit them all in, so Lee is picking up another load today.

The shop is doing well, having sold the blue pyramid drawers and a lovely rocking chair.

Pyramid drawers.jpg 200

Rocking Chair.jpg 200





The large 7ft chiffonier is finished and ready to be put together for a visit tomorrow by a client with a view to buying. It all depends on the final measurements as to whether it will fit the customers space, so keep your fingers crossed. If not, it will go down the shop and make a splendid display whilst waiting for the right person to find it.

We have placed some new items on ebay for a ‘buy it now price’, which seems to be doing it well. These can be accessed through our Facebook page if you are interested. Just use the Facebook button at the bottom of the website. Please feel free to start following us. It would be lovely to make some more connections.

On top of all this, I have been painting four lovely pieces of furniture for a a customer who wanted to keep her beloved late fathers well made solid wood furniture. It’s looking fantastic. I shall ensure I get some photos ready for the next post.

Until then, au revoir.