A slight hiccup

The summer sale comes to an end. We are very pleased and have moved several pieces to good homes. This has given us some much needed room to move onto new projects. So watch this space.

After two days taking time out to go to a business course with Oxford Innovation and making sure the air conditioning was tip top on the van due to the hot weather, we decided to take a trip to Portsmouth. Unfortunately our lovely van broke down on the Cornwall/Devon border. It seems that the fuel injection system has failed. We are now getting it fixed, but it has set us back a little for now.

However there are some exciting things on the horizon. Caroline has been asked to quote for painting nine pieces of tatty brown wood furniture for one client and has been approached by another member of the business course to look at the prospect of a joint venture in that he would like to show and sell our furniture in one of his barns that surrounds his beautiful cafe situated on the Cornish Coast path.

Will keep you updated with how we progress.